FACE Atelier

FACE Atelier

FACE atelier is an innovator within the beauty industry, offering a collection of sophisticated, versatile makeup that simply works and works simply. It's a unique age and race neutral brand that was designed to be the first consumer brand that was truly good enough for professional makeup artists.  

The secret weapon of professional makeup artists from its inception, FACE atelier attracted a cult-like following among beauty industry professionals, celebrities and consumers worldwide.

Founder Debbie Bondar created FACE atelier in part because she couldn’t find a foundation that matched her skin tone and was overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. She decided to develop an edited line of sophisticated, versatile, age and race neutral makeup that simply works, and works simply.  FACE atelier emphasizes innovation over imitation, offering easy-to-use products driven by quality, performance and originality. The star of the line - Ultra Foundation - has its own cult following that includes Billy B, one of the most sought after A-list makeup artists in the world.

FACE atelier was the official makeup sponsor for Kelly Clarkson and her 2012 Stronger Tour, Madonna’s Confessions Tour,  and regularly supports New York Fashion Week events. FACE atelier enjoys a massive and loyal following of makeup artists around the world, and has a host of celebrity fans that include Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert.  It’s a kit staple on American television shows like Hannibal, True Blood, The Goldbergs, Rules of Engagement and Community as well as a host of networks that include MTV, PBS, CNN and the news departments of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and at FACE atelier, each woman is her own beauty icon. A woman can only look her best, and at FACE atelier, that’s good enough. We don’t believe in presenting an image of what we think you should look like. We do believe that being beautiful is all about being the best that you can be.

We’re passionate about being an age and race neutral line and recognize that women come in all shapes, size and nationalities. Our mission is to provide sophisticated and versatile makeup that helps you look and feel your best.  
Look good, feel good, be kind to yourself, and celebrate who you are. The FACE atelier woman is you!

FACE atelier believes in innovation - not imitation - because the world doesn’t need another pink lipstick. We prefer to concentrate on unique, versatile and high-performing products that are easy to use and, like a good man, do exactly what they say they’re going to do.

FACE atelier uses only essential ingredients that have a specific purpose and without which the quality of the makeup would be compromised. Accordingly, FACE atelier does not add scent or flavor to its cosmetics. Nor do we use ingredients that are marketing friendly but of dubious effectiveness in cosmetic formulation.

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