Age Spots

What are Age Spots?

Age Spots

Everyone over the age of 20 has some sort of age spot. They are caused by increased pigmentation in the skin. The pigmentation can be dark and unattractive. I recommend treatment for age spots using:

  • Laser*
  • Chemical Peel*
  • Bleaching Cream*

*In office

Are Age Spots Dangerous?

It is important not to self diagnose age spots. The brown spot can actually be cancerous. I have had several patients think that they had an age spot and in fact it was melanoma! It is important to have all dark spots looked at by a dermatologist. This is especially important if it has changed in color, size or shape. 

How can I prevent getting Age Spots?

Prevention is key to prevention of age spots. Make sure you start using sunscreen daily from a young age. Anti-aging products containing retinol are important to use as well.