Clarisonic PRO vs PLUS vs Smart Profile

The revolutionary cleansing system known as the Clarisonic has become a skin care staple. It is for your face, what the toothbrush is for your teeth. With so many different models now out there, how do you tell them apart?

What is the difference between the Clarisonic SMART Profile, Clarisonic Pro and Clarisonic Plus?

Clarisonic Pro

To understand the difference of the different types of Clarisonics, you need to undestand the 7 different versions that Clarisonic has created: 

  1. Clarisonic Smart Profile - Introduced in 2015
  2. Clarisonc Pro
  3. Clarisonic Plus
  4. Clarisonic Mia 3
  5. Clarisonic Mia 2
  6. Clarisonic Mia
  7. Clarisonic Classic

Each different type of Clarisonic comes with multiple speeds:

Clarisonic number of speeds by type and warranty info
Type of Clarisonic Number of Speeds Clarisonic Manufacturer Warranty
Clarisonic Smart Profile 4 speeds (Delicate, Universal. Powerful, Pro) + Body Turbo Mode with SMART Technlogy 3 years
Clarisonic Pro 4 speeds (Delicate, Universal. Powerful, Pro) + Body Mode 3 years
Clarisonic Plus 3 speeds (Delicate, Universal. Powerful) + Body Mode 2 years
Clarisonic Mia 3 3 speeds (Delicate, Universal. Powerful) 3 years
Clarisonic Mia 2 2 speeds (Delicate, Universal) 2 years
Clarisonic Classic 2 speeds (Delicate, Universal) 2 years
Clarisonic Mia 1 speed (Universal) 1 year

Clarisonic different types of speed mean

  • Delicate (Speed 1) - Designed for compromised or fragile skin, Speed 1 (Delicate) is delicate enough for even very sensitive skin conditions. This is available in Mia 2, Plus and Pro.
  • Universal (Speed 2) - Universal for all skin types and cleansing six times better than hands alone, Speed 2 (Universal) is developed for normal daily use and enhances cleansing by 26% compared to Speed 1. This is available in all units. (Mia, Mia 2, Plus, Pro)
  • Powerful (Speed 3) - When an extra boost is needed to loosen and remove set-in debris, Speed 3 (Powerful) provides the power to enhance cleansing by 30% compared to Speed 2. This is available in the Pro and Plus units.
  • Body Mode (3 Minutes) - When the Body Brush Head is attached, the Clarisonic PLUS and PRO units automatically switch to the Body Mode, with a three-minute cycle. Pressing the speed button while in Body Mode toggles between constant and pulse settings. The pulse setting is great for the head/neck area and provides a different sensation than the constant setting.

How to effectively use the Clarisonic in only 1 minute!

Prior to the first use, make sure to charge the Clarisonic unit for at least 24 hours.

  • Remove all eye makeup by hand
  • Apply cleanser directly to the moisened skin or to a damp brush head
  • Push the on/off button to turn on your cleansing brush.
  • Select your desired speed (see above)
  • Follow T-timer prompts while gently moving the Clarisonic brush head in small circular motions.

How to use the Clarisonic T-Timer in 1 Minute

How to use Clarisonic T-timer in 1 Minute1. 20 seconds on Forehead

2. 20 seconds on Nose and Chin

3. 10 seconds on one Cheek

4. 10 seconds on other Cheek

Clarisonic SMART Profile vs Pro vs Clarisonic Plus 

The Clarisonic SMART Profile is the latest Clarisonic advancing both the Pro and Plus with SMART technlogy. The two new smart enabled brush heads (Face & Body) automatically adjust betwen gentle and deep cleansing for an optimal head-to-toe experience. The latest device also has more power, which provides an added massage.

The Clarisonic Pro is sold exclusively to physicians. The Clarisonic Pro has a 3 year warranty. The Pro has the following speeds: low, normal, high, pro and body. The Clarisonic Pro is a 4 speed machine (the highest amount of speeds available). 

The Clarisonic Plus is sold to department stores, day spas and any non-medical professionals. The Clarisonic Plus has a 2 year warranty. The Plus has the following speeds: low, normal, high and body. The Plus is a 3 speed machine.  

Both the Clarisonic Pro and Clarisonic Plus units have a battery that holds 30 minutes of charge for the face and 20 minutes of charge for the body. The Clarisonic Pro and Clarisonic Plus hold charge for about a month. Charging your Clarisonic before a trip will alleviate the need to take your charger with you. Both the Clarisonic Pro and Clarisonic Plus units have a Universal Charging Cradle. Which means that you can take your unit anywhere in the world. 

The cost difference is about $10.00 to $20.00 from the Clarisonic Pro and the Clarisonic Plus.For a nominal amount of money you get an additional speed. 

Additional Information: 

The Clarisonic Cleansing units are perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. In fact, sensitive skin responds well and often times the sensitivity subsides or becomes less prevalent over time. 
The Clarisonic machines were created for anti-aging, not for cleansing benefits. 

All of the Clarisonic machines are wonderful. You really cannot go wrong when choosing a unit to purchase. The biggest factor is speeds and price. That should aid in making the decision easier