Dark Spots

Q&A: What are Dark Spots?

Question: I have a (one) dark spot

Answer by Dr.Lin: Brown spots can be melanoma and potentially be dangerous and could kill you. I take dark spots very seriously because I’m concerned with new dark spots. You should have a doctor take a look at the spot in a timely fashion. 

These are some of the other non-melanoma spots: 

  • Freckle or ephelide
  • Solar lentigo or sun spot
  • Nevi- Mole 
  • Atypical nevi or melanoma

Hyperpigmentation refers to several brown spots that usually result from a trauma or a rash . 

Melasma is a condition where there is increased pigment. Melasma is common on the upper lip, cheeks & forehead and is largely associated with hormones. It can worsen during pregnancy, while taking oral contraceptives and during hormonal fluctuations. All racial groups are prone to melasma but is more obvious in African American, Latino and Asian skin because they have more pigment that makes it look more pronounced. Although it is not common, it can occur in males. Melasma is a chronic condition that cannot be controlled. 

Question: How do I get rid of dark spots?

Answer by Dr.Lin: For treatment I recommend chemical peels and home care products. The Linage LinQ skin care line was created for several different skin care concerns but especially for maintenance and prevention of melasma. LinQ is paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, hydroquinone-free, Dermatologist developed and effective at treating hyperpigmentation and melasma without irritation. I also suggest in-office salicylic acid peels, it is my treatment of choice. 

I offer a lightening program consists of: 

Salicylic Acid Chemical Peels 

Laser Treatments (at the digression of the provider)

*5% hydroquinone prescription for home use

Results are visible within 2 weeks. Not only does it helps treat old brown spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation but it also prevent new spots. 

*Hydroquinone is not safe to be used liberally on the skin, but should be used judiciously and under the care of a dermatologist. Do not use products containing HQ every day you could have problems like cancer. Instead, use a small amount on the affected area only!