Extreme Acne

I often get patients with extremely bad acne . What I’m most concerned about is when they have larger cystic acne lesion because that can lead to acne scarring. Acne typically does not scar, but if it is large and cystic or if you pick at it you can cause scarring to the skin.

Pimples can be extremely large and they can be fluctuant (soft and squishy) with yellowish white head. I had a patient walk in with one such pimple. I had to take an eleven blade- scalpel needle and pop the middle of it. The pimple pretty much exploded and splattered my face shield. I was smart enough to have the shield on because I knew that would happen. After I wiped off the splatter so that I could see I noted that it was not only yellow pus and excaudate there was quite a bit of blood oozing out. I noticed that there was an artery pumping. I had to tie off that little pumper. It was pretty exciting, that must have been the worst pimple I have ever encountered. The combination of the large pustule component and the blood, which came afterwards, made for the best pimple I have ever extracted.