7 Dr. Offices - DrLinDirect.com Locations

Why is Climate Controlled Storage important?

Extreme temperature changes from either "Cold" or "Hot" can cause the skin care products that we carry to become less than subpar.  Our Climate Controlled Storage in our Warehouses ensure that you receive your product at the highest optimal quality.

A climate controlled warehouse is necessary to preserve the integrity of the product. Products were created by the chemist and mixed by the laboratory to behave a certain way. In order to have your skincare products behave the way they was intended and sunscreen to maintain it's SPF products were meant to be stored at room temperature. Therefore keeping them in a climate controlled warehouse guarantees that the integrity of the product has been maintained. My biggest worry about purchasing products off the internet is two fold. I worry about the products being stored in a hot or freezing cold warehouse and I fear that I'm being sold old products. Old products can also jeopardize the chemical composition of the skincare products. As a Dermatologist, I feel it is my duty to provide the best skincare to you the client. That is why I review all of the products, maintain a climate controlled warehouse and never sell old products.

In addition, below are the 7 locations for our Linage center in Southern California.

7 Southern California Locations:

  1. Sherman Oaks
    15477 Ventura Blvd, Ste 100
    Sherman Oaks • CA • 91403
  2. Valencia / Santa Clarita
    28049 Smyth Dr. 
    Valencia • CA • 91355
  3. Ventura
    1895 E. Main Street
    Ventura, CA 93001
    (Inside MK Salon)
  4. Oxnard
    1801 Solar Dr. Suite 150
    Oxnard, CA 93030
  5. City of Industry
    18725 East Gale Ave., Ste 140
    City of Industry • CA • 91748
  6. Beverly Hills
    416 N. Bedford Drive, Ste 307
    Beverly Hills • CA • 90210
  7. Westlake Village
    3825 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.,Ste R
    Thousand Oaks • CA • 91362