Sagging Skin

Causes of Sagging Skin

Wrinkles can be treated surgically or with minimally invasive procedures in the office. Realistically, there will not be a considerable improvement using skin care products alone. You might be able to see some improvement but you will not see lifting of the skin. 

For the cheeks and jowls I recommend a cheek lift, neck lift or full-face lift. This is because there is excess skin and the only way to treat it is to cut it out or off. 

Sagging Skin Before and After

When can you use fillers?

If the wrinkles are a result of indentations around the nose or mouth, these can be injected with filler. The injections even out the highs and lows and cause the transition to be less apparent and thereby less obvious. Liquid face-lifts are minimally invasive. Fillers, liquid muscle relaxers and Sculptra are part of a liquid face-lift. Sculptra can actually stimulate collagen. Once collagen is stimulated it can volumize the skin causing elevation, which minimizes the wrinkles. 

Effects of Weight-Loss on Skin:

Weight loss can cause sagging or depressions on the face as well as aging. These patients will respond to the liquid face-lift. However, if the sagging or wrinkles are excessive, surgery may be necessary.