Tria Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

We are hosting a TRIA Laser (Retail Value $395) Giveaway. TRIA Home Removal Laser is the premiere skin care tool for in-home hair removal. TRIA is a home hair-removal proven system that is FDA cleared, it uses the same laser technology dermatologist use at thier own clinics. 




To enter our June TRIA HOME LASER Giveaway, you can do one of the following. 

To increase your odds you can enter multiple times in numerous ways.  

Here are all the ways to enter. Do all of them to increase your odds of winning.  Each step is its own random entry:

1. "Like" our Dr Lin Direct Facebook Fan page 

Simply press the like button on our page or above and you will automatically enter. 

2. Subscribe to our Dr Lin Direct YouTube Channel.

Simply subscribe to us on our channel you will automatically have another entry. 

3. Post in our Facebook Notes Section Title TRIA HOME LASER Giveaway, please answer the following questions: "How do you get rid of unwanted body hair? Does Waxing or Shaving cause Ingrown Hairs"

Here is the link to comment on the notes section:

4. Promote this giveaway and make sure your entries/friends/followers let us know that they were referred by you when they answer #3 above. 

5. Subscribe to our Newsletter (At bottom of this page, enter email address and subscribe)

6. Follow us on Twitter - @DrLinDirect

Here is an example of sharing with your friends and increasing your odds.  Dr Lin tells Angela to enter.  Angela "likes" Dr Lin's Facebook page and goes to the notes section.  Angela comments by stating: "I shave my legs and under arms and it tends to cause in grown haris. Referred by Dr Lin".  

Angela will get two entries at this point since she has liked the page and commented.  Dr Lin will get another entry since she referred Angela. 

Good luck everyone and thank you for entering.