Under the Eyes

Eye Wrinkles Under the Eyes

Wrinkles Under the Eyes

When people usually talk about eye wrinkles they are usually talking about the lines that radiate along the outside of the eye. These are often called crow’s feet. Crow’s feet respond to Botox or other muscle relaxers. A series of small aliquots of botox are injected into where the wrinkle occurs. Within 48 hours there is a relaxing of the muscle and the wrinkle no longer forms. 

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Puffiness Under the Eyes

Puffiness Under the Eyes

Puffiness under the eye is usually caused by swelling.

Swelling is usually caused by:

  • Allergies
  • Lack of Sleep 
  • Blood has accumulated in the eye are while you sleep 
  • Chronic puffiness may be genetic

Most of the causes for puffy eyes resolve throughout the day. If the puffiness is chronic surgery may have to be considered. 

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Darkness Under the Eyes

Darkness Under the Eyes

Pigmentation is caused by melanin. Melanin is produced in excess quantities whenever there is inflammation, rubbing or irritation. 

TEST: Pull down on the eyelid. If the pigment follows the skin going down, this is more of a surface pigmentation. Congratulations! 

Surface pigmentation responds to bleaching creams or Linage LinQ Eye Cream. Remember to use caution when applying eye creams because the skin is the thinnest skin of the body. It is also the most sensitive. It is important to have a cream formulated for eye skin. 

Swelling or edema can cause darkness under the eye. People often notice that when they are extremely tired or when they just wake-up they may have darker eyelid skin than normal. This is due to the accumulation of fluid. The fluid is caused by capillary leakage and accumulates giving the appearance of darkness. The only product that treats vascular leakage is the Linage LinQ Eye Cream. It contains ash bark extract and can help stabilize the capillaries and prevent leakage. 

Shadowing also causes darkness under the eyes. When there is a slight depression you may see darkness. Hollowing causes the darkness. To treat the darkness caused by hollowing I inject filler into the skin. It is a simple procedure. Filler is injected directly under the eye just inferior to the eyeball. The goal is to fill up the area to even out the level of the skin thereby making the hollowness less apparent. Oftentimes, patients do not realize that treatment is available.