• LashControl ClearCoat Mascara And Brow-Fix

LashControl ClearCoat Mascara And Brow-Fix

What is It?
Clear Coat Mascara features a soft, cylindrical full brush and lets you gently condition the lashes, add a top coat of sheen and added color depth, and/or shape and groom your brows.

What is it used for?
LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix features an innovative, patented breakthrough delivery system offering a unique and sanitary method for customizing the amount of formula on the applicator. No more wiping excess formula on a tissue or scraping the brush at the edge of the container - Just squeeze the pink flex wiper as you pull the brush out. Easy to use and easy to remove! Washes off with warm water. Promotes healthy natural growth and protects the lashes. No tugging, pulling or remover necessary.