• Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing 20g / 0.7oz

Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing 20g / 0.7oz

Stratamed® is a breakthrough treatment for post procedure care, wound healing and scar management. Stratamed can be used immediately after general and cosmetic surgery, dermatological interventions (laser treatments etc.), trauma, burns*, chronic wounds etc.

What is it?

Strataderm Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing

What is it used for?

Stratamed results in faster wound healing and reduced inflammatory response. It Improves the visible outcome of the procedure and protects compromised skin from microbial and bacterial invasion. It allows management of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever before, which significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of abnormal scarring.

How is it used?

  • Ensure that the affected skin or wound is clean.
  • Gently pat dry as much excess exudate or wound fluid from the area as possible prior to gel application.
  • For best results Stratamed should be maintained in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day / 7 days a week).

Additional Info:

  • Treats The Following: 
    • Helps to promote a moist wound healing environment for superficial wounds and burns
    • The management of keloids, hypertrophic and excessive scars
  • Suitable For These Skin Types: All skin types including sensitive skin
  • Active Ingredients: Polysiloxanes, siloxane resin
  • Skin Care: Scar gel
  • Application Area: Stratamed can be applied to open wounds and on areas where skin integrity was afected


Polysiloxanes, siloxane resin

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