• Celazome Botanical Purifying Cleanser

Celazome Botanical Purifying Cleanser

What is It?
Washes away impurities and excess sebum while gentle botanicals sooth, refine pores, maintain skin's balance, and control breakouts.

What is it used for?
Using natural antiseptics like lemon and lavender oils, Celazome's Botanical Purifying Facial Cleanser is formulated and designed to normalize your skin, refine pores, and soothe irritations.
Celazome's face wash rinses away impurities and controls breakouts, leaving you with clear and smooth skin.

How is it used?
Spread a small dollop of cleanser over wet face. Add water if desired while cleansing with circular motions for about one minute. Avoid eye area. Rinse completely with tepid water.

Additional info:
Lifts impurities
Refines pores and gently soothes using Botanicals
Maintain skin's natural balance
Removes excess sebum