• FACEatelier Ultra Air
  • FACEatelier Ultra Air

FACEatelier Ultra Air

What is It?
Ultra Air is an innovative silicone product that does double duty as an airbrush thinner and a mixing medium.

What is it used for?
Thanks to its sophisticated formulation that includes a drying accelerator, Ultra Foundation can now be used in any air brush, without sacrificing its natural looking, flawless finish. Ultra Air allows for immediate touch-ups before powdering, without marring the finish, or leaving fingerprints, while enhancing long-term wear-ability. The colorless, oil-free formula will not affect the shade of the product thinned, and can be used to change opacity as desired. As a mixing medium, combine Ultra Air with loose or pressed pigments and powders to create an easy-to-use cream, or a sprayable product with a dewy, long-lasting finish that’s heat, moisture, and sebum resistant. Ultra Air is also compatible with Ultra Camouflage Duet.

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