YON-KA - SENSITIVE CREME PEAUX SENSIBLES: Calming and Comforting Cream for Sensitive Skin (1.72oz)

  • SENSITIVE SKIN MOISTURIZER: Specially formulated to be gentle on your skin to reduce redness, itching, or discomfort from daily intense external factors such as cold, heat, and pollution.
  • EXCLUSIVE SENSIBIOTIC: A unique combination of pre and probiotics and sea mayweed forms a treatment created to soothe skin and make it comfortable.
  • SAFE TO USE INGREDIENTS: Hydration and nourishment for your skin come from shea butter and bisabolol, causing the skin to be less fragile and become velvety soft and radiant.
  • MOISTURIZER FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Alcohol-free and without perfume nor essential oils, SENSITIVE CRÈME PEAU SENSIBLE is ideally suited for ultra hypersensitive skins.
  • SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF REACTIVITY LEVEL: Reduced after a few weeks, the skin will feel more hydrated and nourished, less irritable, and less fragile. It will repair the skin to look more radiant.