• Zeno Hot Spot-Blue

Zeno Hot Spot-Blue

What is it?
A heating blemish-clearing device. 

What is it used for?
Stop pimples at the source with Zeno Hot Spot, a heated blemish eliminating device. This ingenious hand-held device gently delivers optimal heat to the pimple and can reduce the size in just 1 hour, with a 90% blemish disappearance within 24 hours. This patented technology is safe for daily treatment, with 80 uses. Easily keep your skin clear of unsightly blemishes with a touch of a button. Includes 2 AA batteries.

How is it used?
Press the Power Button. The power indicator will light up and you will hear a tone to signal the treatment has started. Place and hold the treatment tip on your blemish for the 2 ½ minute treatment cycle. You will hear a single beep every 30 seconds.Remove ZENO HOT SPOT from the blemish when you hear a multi-tone sound, indicating the treatment is over.

Additional Info:
Treats These Conditions: Acne
Suitable For These Skin Types: Combination, Normal, Teen Acne, Oily, Combination/Oily
Skin Care: Spot Treatment
Application Area: Face
Tools: Skin Care Tools